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How to Study the Bible, Pt. 3 - Chapter Summary

Have you ever read a chapter in the Bible and finished by asking yourself "what did I just read?" If so, this Bible study method is for you (I want to give credit where credit is due - a portion of this is taken from Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods) The following instructions will help you read a chapter of the Bible and walk away knowing what was said and how it applies to your life.

First, find a quiet place to read through the entire chapter at least twice, but the more the better. Read it in a Bible without notes (so not a study Bible).

Once you have read it, take out a notebook and begin to write out some key pieces of information:

1. Give it your own title (not necessarily the one assigned by the translators). How would you summarize the chapter in 4 words or less?

2. Make a list of the people who are in the chapter and what they did/contributed. Don't forget to include God, the writer, and the reader.

3. List out key words that you feel are essential to the meaning of the text.

4. Pick one verse that encapsulates the meaning of the entire chapter better than any other. This would be a good memory verse.

5. Write down one takeaway. I say one because when we try and focus on more than one thing, we tend to drop all of them.

Doing these 5 things when reading a chapter from the Bible will help you to understand what's going on in a way that just reading it over once will not.