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5 Reasons to Get Serious About the Bible

24 hours.

I often hear people say that in order to maximize our time we need to budget it just like we do our money. The only problem with that is that we cannot make more time.

24 hours is all we have, and yet it seems as if there is 48 hours worth of "stuff" vying for our time each day. What are we to do? How are we to prioritize some things and decide against others?

I might not have the answer to what your entire priority list should look like, but I do know one thing that must never get moved down:

Seriously studying God's Word.

I'm not even talking about your daily quiet time, which is vitally important. I'm talking about regular time of rigorous study of the Bible. Why, you ask, should you prioritize this over so many other things? After all, you might not consider yourself a scholar, and going to Bible school has never been on your radar.

Here are 5 reasons why you must prioritize the serious study of God's Word.

1. It is our primary source of knowing God. I did not say our only source, but it is the only enduring, written source of information regarding who God is, How He operates, and how much He loves His people. If you want to know God deeper but are not studying His Word, you will not be nearly as successful as you could be.

2. It almost always preceeds calling. Most people know that Jesus' temptation in the wilderness preceded the beginning of His earthly ministry, but what a lot of people forget is that it was also the first time we see recorded where Jesus shows His complete and utter mastery of the Word. His earthly calling began as soon as He demonstrated that He knew perfectly the written Word. Likewise, in 2 Timothy, Paul commands Timothy to "preach the Word" only after he has reminded Timothy of his mastery of the Word of God. The more you know God's Word, the more He will unveil the call that He has plaed on your life.

3. It has the potential to produce enduring fruit. James tells us (James 3:13-18) that true wisdom produces good fruit. Studying God's Word will produce more in you than knowledge...If undertaken correctly and for the right reasons, the more you know God's Word the more you will look like Him. The fruit produced in your life will never look the same.

4. You will have much more to give. This one is simple. The more we have, the more we can give away. How are we supposed to tell people about a Gospel that we ourselves do not take the time to understand? In today's society there are more unbelievers educated in the Scriptures than ever before. This means that to do evangelism in America today, you have to know your stuff.

5. The Bible says to. We are to love the Lord not just with our heart, soul, and strength, but also with our mind. If for no other reason, we commit to the study of God's Word because Jesus said to.

No matter the reason driving you, Abba's House can help you in your commitment to studying God's Word. It's a time commitment, but one that you cannot let fall off of your priority list.

Enroll or find out more at www.abbashousenb.org/admissions