Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?

Our goal is to give you a theological education that will prepare you to better do what God has called you to do. With that said, our goal is not to bankrupt you! Our costs are kept extremely low in order to make the program accessible to all. The cost of our 2-year program is $120/semester plus books. Student's can audit a class for $25/class plus books.

Is this only for those called to vocational ministry?

We exists to serve both student's who have been called to full-time vocational ministry as well as those who know that God has called them to ministry right where they are. Most of our students are in the latter camp, but our classes will equip and challenge you no matter where your calling is taking you.

Are you accredited or pursuing accreditation?

We are not accredited nor are we pursuing accreditation at this time. The accreditation process is costly, lengthy, and right now would take away from our ability to care for students.

Can I still attend as a student if I am not a part of a local church?

We believe that being a part of and having the covering of the local church is absolutely essential to the success of any type of ministry. Because of that, all student's must be an active part of a local congregation.

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