Course Offerings

Our courses are currently offered on a rotating basis, with every class available at least once per calendar year.

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Knowing how to study the Bible is central to everything we do as Christians. This class will teach you how to study the Bible in very practical ways. You will learn how to take a text, written for a specific audience at a specific time, and apply it to our lives today, all without compromising the original intent of the text.

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Relational Ministry

The first problem that God pointed out in Genesis was not sin, but rather aloneness. This class will explore the concept that man was not designed to be alone, but needs intimate relationships with others. Student’s will learn both the theological basis for relational ministry as well as how to practice relational ministry daily.

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We all know that Christianity is true, after all, Jesus has completely changed our lives. But did you know that there is ample evidence that proves the truths of Christianity true? This class will look at the external evidence supporting Christianity by looking at topics like creation, the existence of God, miracles, and the authenticity of Scripture. The goal of this class is simple: Equip you to “always be ready to provide a defense for the hope that is within you.”

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Old Testament Survey I

This class will begin in Genesis and go through the wisdom literature, examining each book and connecting the dots between them all. Student’s will learn the background, basic content, outline, and purpose of each book, as well as how the message relates to that of the rest of Scripture.

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Old Testament Survey II

So many time students of the Bible skip over the prophetic books because they either seem too difficult to understand or not applicable to a 21st century life. This class will study many of the major and minor prophets and how the messages they contain apply to us today.

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New Testament Survey

Student’s will work through each book of the New Testament, getting a basic overview of each of them. Topics will include background studies for each book, learning a basic content outline, and discussing how the message of the book applies today. Further, students will learn how each of the New Testament books relates to the others, and what major themes run throughout them all.

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Systematic Theology

Many people think of the Bible as 66 separate stories, combined into one book. The amazing thing about Scripture, however, is that it contains one, miraculous story from cover to cover. This class will take a handful of topics and explore how the entire Bible treats those topics.
Counts for two credits.